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​Where Should You Start

With Your Website?

Domain Registration

GenWeb Media understands that the first place a new website starts is with the domain name. We have searched high and low and found the best domain registration website. This is our go to website for all domain registrations. The search page is easy to use and registration is fast. Once you have your domain name the next step is web hosting, and we help you with that too...​

Click this link to go directly to Freenom and register today

Web Hosting

As with domain registration we have scoured the world wide web and found the best web hosting service. A2 Web Hosting service is second to none and we wouldn't trust our website with anyone else. Once you have set up your hosting account it is simple to start your free WordPress download. You can literally start building your website within minutes of finalising your A2 account. If you have registered your domain with Freenom, A2 and Freenom make it simple to point your nameservers to your A2 Hosting server.

Click this link to go directly to A2 Hosting and register today

WordPress Themes

As with everything we recommend we have spent a lot of time researching and testing different products. Ultimately we found ThriveThemes and we would not recommend any other platform for WordPress website themes.​

Click this link to go directly to ThriveThemes and register today


For your new website we suggest using the WordPress platform. WordPress websites make up almost 30% of websites worldwide. The platform is open source and free to use. With WordPress you have thousands of the smartest developers in the world working on making the platform better every day. Unlike the other platforms, WordPress are not in the business to make money.​

Click this link to go directly to WordPress and learn more

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