Logo Animation... The NEW Way to Stand Out Among Your Competition!

Watch the video to see our Logo Animations in action:

We all know that your company logo is at the heart of your company's personality. Your logo is the identity of your brand so it needs to be seen. Animating your logo is an interesting and original way to present your brand and attract the attention of potential clients. 

We will take your company logo and create an awesome animation for you by using your logo and other elements your business uses for branding, such as taglines and colour schemes.

Your business cannot afford to stand still in this fast paced world. So stand out above your competition instead! Let’s put your logo in motion and make it come to life!

Logo 1R

Logo  Animation 


This animation includes just your company logo transformed into a high quality, eye-catching logo animation. 

An animated logo is a modern and dynamic way to present your brand in just a couple of seconds

Logo 2R

Showcase Animation $100

This is an animation which presents your company logo, along with taglines and images showing your products in a different perspective, transformed into a high quality, eye-catching animation.

Logo 4

Social Follow Animation


Here we have Facebook follow animations which can be used to link potential customers back to your facebook pages.

Also transparent overlays to be used on top of your video for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Here's where you can use a Logo Animation:

  • Use it in the intro to your Application
  • Use it as an intro or outro to your Sales Videos
  • Use it in your Company Presentations
  • Use it as an intro or outro for your Youtube videos
  • Use it on your website
  • Use it in your Social Media campaigns

Can your business really afford to stand still?

Stay a level up on your competition

The animations were on point to what I needed. I can now promote my business in ways that others cant, so I am one level above my competition. I would recommend animating your logo to help you stand out above the rest of your competition. It will also give you confidence knowing your brand is displayed at its peak.

ANGEL F  //  AF Designs

Excellent value for money

I thought this product was too expensive, but I’m very invested in my business success so it was a small price to pay. The product I received was 100% worth it and seeing the process from start to finish was awesome. I experienced a very professional and fast service.

MARC JACOBS  //  Marketer

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